I’ve moved to Medium… please come visit!

Hi friends! A massive and sincere *thank you* for supporting my writing here on WordPress. You may have noticed that it’s been a million miles since I’ve posted on here–there’s a couple reasons for that: I’ve committed almost all of my writing time to my book, Anxious with Jesus. I’ve recently made the switch to […]


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Blessed are the clinically anxious.

On behalf of my suffering bros and sisses, I’m giving GAD a nickname: thorny anxiety. It stems not from a lack of trust in God or an immature faith, but from a thorn like the one Paul describes in his letter to the Corinthian church. Like Paul’s thorn, Generalized Anxiety Disorder has redemptive value that furthers God’s beautiful kingdom here on Earth.

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I am weak.

I used to think I could change the world with machine-like force.
Turns out I’m weak.  Really weak.

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